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1st Annual Cowboys & Angels 2013 Results

Outstanding attendance with 19 Teams ​


Misty Few & Desperado  2013 Team Champions 
2nd    Blackjack & Fannie Mae
3rd     Curley Calhoun & Cool Hand Suz
4th     Red Lead Slinger & Lady Drifter
5th     Buckshot Luther & Idaho Belle
6th     Tin Bender & Diamond Rio
7th     Tennessee Hustler & Hollywood
8th     Cimarron & Outlaw Mama
9th     Buzzard Cooper & Two Talker
10th   Mr. Powderhorn & Buckwheat
11th   Gunsmoke & Pink Pearl
12th   Idaho Bandit & Krazy Kate
13th   Tucson & Mustang Annie       
14th   Dangerous Dave & Bam Bam
15th   Idaho Stretch & Magnolia Blu
16th   Cody & Denali
17th   Too Tall & Lil' Foot
18th   Gray Wolf & Ms. Hettie
19th   Kid Rango & Loto
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