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Aces & Eights 2014


Congratulations to Mustang Annie and Tin Bender on their wins! This was Tin Bender's 2nd win in a row for this match so he is the only men's recipient of the unique Aces & Eights buckle. Mustang Annie is the first lady to own one.



Men's Champion: Tin Bender    Ladies Champion: Mustang Annie
2nd Place:  Curley Calhoun and Lady Drifter
3rd Place:   Gambler and Annie B. Goode
4th Place:   Buzzard Cooper and Krazy Kate
5th Place:   Tucson and Bam Bam
6th Place:   Bounty Hunter and Cool Hand Suz
7th Place:   Desperado and Ms. Hettie
8th Place:   Gray Wolf and KarrUn Iron
9th Place:   Buckshot Luther and Misty Few
10th Place: Gambit and Lady Hawk
11th Place: Red Lead Slinger and Sagebrush Sal
12th Place: Skinner and Miss Chevus
13th Place: Idaho Stretch
14th Place: Dangerous Dave


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