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Youth Results:

Annie Oakley Champion: Angel Eyes
Billy the Kid Champion: Kid Rango

Ladies & Men's Main Match Results:

                         Ladies                                           Men

Champions: Legally Loaded                 Buzzard Cooper
2nd Place:   Loto                                      Curley Calhoun
3rd Place:    Lady Drifter                        Straight Shot
4th Place:    Misty Few                           Gray Wolf
5th Place:    Cool Hand Suz                   Desperado
6th Place:    Ms. Hettie                           Gambit
7th Place:    KarrUn Iron                         Alamo Outlaw
8th Place:    Mustang Annie                 Skinner
9th Place:    Sagebrush Sal                   Bounty Hunter
10th Place:  Two Talker                         Gambler
11th Place:  Six Iron Butterfly             Rossow
12th Place:  Lady Hawk                        Montana
13th Place:  Little Lady                         Tucson
14th Place:  Krazy Kate                         Trinity
15th Place:                                                Idaho Bandit
16th Place:                                                Stanislaus
17th Place:                                                Idaho Stretch
18th Place:                                                Red Lead Slinger
19th Place:                                                Buckshot Luther
20th Place:                                                No Daisy

Side Match Champions (Portion of side match proceeds goes to Happy Trails Children's Foundation):

Hot or Not: Gray Wolf
Hit It & Win It (.777): Lady Drifter
Eliminator: Desperado
Night Fire: Loto & Buzzard Cooper
Top Shot: Misty Few (.529) & Straight Shot (.371)
Poker Run: Skinner (2.025)


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